Rapid rolling door motor temperature will not safe?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-09
Rapid door motor is fast door shall be not less equipment installation. Each construction demand rapid door to check our equipment can be normal, fast door motor heating is hard often appear problem, then by hebei famous fast door manufacturer to test the fast door motor temperature, the reason of the violent heat up. Lead to rapid door motor heating reason has a lot of hard, such as the power of battle is adverse, fuse fusing, excessive voltage deviation and beyond example elements such as additional conditions. If the reason for the power supply in this war, we just need to sweep away can; If the reason for the fuse fuse, so we should change the fuse; Once invented the additional voltage and motor power voltage deviation is greater than five percent, it can form the bad conditions of multipolar for low voltage motor, once the voltage is too high, so will be idle current near normal additional current, under voltage at this time we should mediate the fast door motor mating with the power supply voltage phase; If the trouble reason is beyond the working condition of extra paradigm, so it is not in the realm of S1S10 or between switching frequency is too high, we should ask professional staff to decide proper device drivers, and even if the mediation of the motor working condition of extra example, meet with the required operating conditions. Choose the high quality of the motor can effectively promote the use of rapid door of life and function.
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