Rapid rolling door maintenance and maintenance

by:Hongfa     2020-07-02
Rapid rolling door is now widely used in various industries, hongfa industry, using more than one year of rapid rolling door to give check maintenance, and in daily life more attention should be paid to rapid rolling door maintenance and maintenance. 1, rapid rolling door safety device maintaining rapid door security system is in addition to the braking system of the protection device installation, respectively, in the bottom of the door below the orbit around 25 cm away from or is equipped with a pneumatic safety device. Door such as vehicles and pedestrians have encountered in the process of closing passes fast door will automatically stop and then run up until the full open position. When security photoelectric and airbag fails to timely repair or replacement, if not timely replacement door in the process of running down because of the too fast is easy to cause harm to the pedestrians and vehicles. 2, power system maintenance and the brake motor drive and brake system as a whole rapid door products focus on the core components, has grown two millimeters is the fast door ensure safe, efficient and smooth running. When the brake system fails to timely maintenance and replacement. Such as: brake insensitive, continue to fall, after the brake the hydrodynamic brake when a loud voice, door when they start and stop gap; When the above problems such as not timely maintenance and replacement if not according to the content of the warning execution may cause the door suddenly fall, motor damage, or other components may cause damage or personal injury. 3, system maintenance control switch control switch the output of the system is rapid, close, signal conversion, programming, and other major parts. Divided into integrated circuit plate control chip and independent type of electrical components, electronic parts and components to use the environment of the demand is higher, in order to ensure rapid door efficient and safe operation so often in the process of daily use for the maintenance of the product, when the control system fails to timely replacement and maintenance. 4, other maintain rapid door steel structure, wind resistance device, sealing device, the hydrodynamic structure, interlock device, stop device, roller roller, limit switch, switch gear, are an integral system, to ensure the normal operation of all systems of the usual maintenance is vital.
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