Rapid rolling door is what kind of control mode

by:Hongfa     2020-07-01
Now fast shutter in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket frozen assembly of growing demand, logistics, warehousing and other industries, its practicality and convenience make it favored by the market. So, what kinds of control mode fast shutter? 1, the remote control open book door quickly. For often in and out of the forklift trucks and other vehicles, staff common access door, press the remote control to open the door. 2, circular and rapid rolling door open. When the control box control handle to automatic position. As long as there is metal objects in the region of the earth coil induced by can automatically open. The circular sensor agile intensity is adjustable. Employees do not carry metal objects by magnetic induction area door won't open. 3, radar rapid rolling door open. For often in and out of forklift trucks and other vehicles, the staff of the access door. Advantage: full automatic open and close, without staff manipulation as long as entering radar sensing area door will open automatically. Disadvantages: as long as there is moving object by radar sensing area when the door is open, Refers to the control handle in automatic gear) , when the control handle in the manual position radar sensor doesn't work, at this time only control button, pull rope switch mask rapid opening and closing of the door) 。 4, photoelectric induction rapid rolling door open. People, cars with a photoelectric sensing area, induction control circuit to receive signals from photoelectric sensing and instruction fast door open. Advantage is no employee control automatic open and close, to the automatic position control handle. 5, manual push button fast shutter. Is suitable for the access door often in and out of the employees, the staff to press the button when you go out into the open. 6, manual pull cable fast shutter. For often in and out of forklift trucks and other vehicles, the staff through the access door, a hand pull on the rope to open the door. 7, the linkage interlock type fast shutter. More used in the workshop of high clean level door, door workshop, the use of the access door. Can be triggered automatically by the access to the sensor devices to complete the automatic open the door. Such as radar, magnetic ring sensors, photoelectric sensors, etc.
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