Rapid rolling door industry development trend and prospect of conjecture

by:Hongfa     2020-07-11
Rapidly door category in the industry, variety is not widely operation strategy, wide view of the enterprise, in the full competition of property cases, the range of output once break 20 billion yuan, and in the future five years the average growth rate is expected to surpass 20%, most of enterprises think market prospect is broad, the essence of industry specialization rapid door have enough living space. Material resources, manufacturing process, property, aggregation and form a complete set, there are significant advantages of talent structure, so the results appear in the variety of the road more than half of enterprises, is a special case, don't comply with all the other areas, while in enterprise statistical sampling observation, variety operations have pushed up the world than the percentage of a category. To demand satisfaction product artistic, the industry now fast door manufacturers around the world are in the product plan enough time, form the style of product diversification. Compared with the product of European manufacturers, factory is more be fond of Chinese and western combined. Some enterprise products have characteristics of extremely intense. In the higher aspects of quality, the product of some international big manufacturer is especially unique. Is the manufacturer, by contrast, there is no along with the enterprise, but the course training market, the product of a few manufacturer in guangdong, is also a sign of growing higher. Another Chinese old oh very familiar with the door hinges, most previous product is iron, over time will rust. Now this is the product of the usual attack the great change. Displayed at a guangdong enterprises hinges, accept all stainless steel materials, course disposal drawing technology, plus elegant manufacture craft, makes the product surface is very beautiful. As the construction industry, building decoration industry high speed develops, industry fast door industry has been rapid. Large and small enterprises will surpass 3, industry output will surpass 2 billion yuan, increased by an annual rate of 10% above; Export business beyond $500 million, with an average annual increase of more than 12%. Export business growth rate is higher than the growth rate of output value, shows the progress and product international market competition to strengthen. To carry out the prosperous market, satisfied with the country set up and the survival needs of the people. Brimming with vigor and vitality. In the position and role of the economy and society to carry out the people increasingly ask. Industry rapid door products to professional base, is to carry out the inevitable trend of productivity and performance in detail. The characteristics of these enterprises, it is a fine, fine product quality, Second, yan, carry out quality model and enterprise to deal with tough; Three is designed, the product of a single, specialized level is very high; Four is fast, high obedience, the enterprise to develop fast; Five is strong, product areas the sex is strong. Industry fast door industry will increase investment, invented the world first-class auto parts, hardware and garden property, first-class products, first-class mold processing, first-class surface treatment of * 12 * skills, coupled with first-class skills and staff team, will be the direction of the export trade volume of $8. 5 billion.
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