Rapid rolling door how to realize the energy saving

by:Hongfa     2020-07-08
Course rapidly carried out for many years, has been widely used in various industries, so how can we hasten to save power so as to reach the desired results? Below small make up for the public to reply fast door to the key points of energy saving. Quick energy saving is one of the most tense is to make the door with high high strength, high air tightness, water tightness, high precision, excellent heat insulation, sound insulation function. Fast door is the key of energy conservation under the condition of satisfying its use function, has higher heat preservation function. About the office and workshop, the summer air conditioning demand, the demand for heating or electric heater in winter. The enterprise of electricity costs is a big cost. Height of the door quickly sealed and insulated function effectively prevent the loss of the air, fast door to 0. 7 m / s - 2. The rate of 1 m/s ups and downs, to prevent the air through the rapid opening and closing of the entry and closed. In the cold winter weather, if air tightness is not high, the indoor air pressure difference, he entered the room, outdoor air through a flaw in room temperature violent fluctuation, affect indoor conditions, cost a lot of heat. This scenario is known as cool wind penetration, but in very hot weather in summer, hot weather outdoor and indoor air conditioning refrigeration, hot air movement attack by flaw entered the room, lead to add cooling energy consumption. In air tightness, add room temperature difference will lead to energy consumption, thus rapid door airtight function is nervous of energy saving tricks. Pine door quickly accept new high frequency welding skills, take the initiative to assembly time, at the bottom of the door curtain airbag fabric, with a variety of uneven ground sealing joint, guide the built-in brush, reach high sealing results. The other is a fast door insulation. Two bottles of thermos driving much faster than the glasswares, they cold than plastic. The difference between the latter view now is material. As long as the temperature difference between the heat can not be, this is mainly done by convection, heat conduction and radiation. Skills to the surface of the sealing function, material function and smooth can respectively from three aspects to reduce convection, conduction and radiation heat loss. Our factory polyester cloth curtain material chooses import industry, environmental polyester fibers of high strength, good thermal insulation function, double PVC coating, smooth and elegant. By the rapid opening and closing, with excellent energy saving results. Above is introduced the fast energy saving as a result, how to get to the door if you have any questions can contact our online customer service, we will answer for you.
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