Rapid rolling door how to determine the quality is good or bad?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-19
With the development of rapid rolling door industry, rapid doors more and more widely, become a staple of many company factory building. But many customers don't quite understand sensitive doors, more some companies only pay attention to the quotation, do not pay attention to quality, in less than a year after the acquisition will present many problems. So, how to judge the stand or fall of fast shutter quality? Here, let hongfa fast door manufacturer to bring people together to have a detailed understanding. First, the fast door manufacturer advice before buying, if you have time can go to the factory on-the-spot investigation, and then through the practice of understanding and queries can be more intuitive understanding of the good or bad, of course, it also only can probably see the quality of the hardware parts. Then, you can after consulting understand what's the fast door manufacturers use to make the structure of material, door curtain to choose what kind of material, about how thick curtain, etc. Due to the thickness of a material directly affect the strength of body structure, so must be careful in consulting. Can is the best way to make fast door manufacturer out of small kind, after several comparison and then make a choice. Hongfa fast shutter door production, door frames are generally choose 2 mm thick manufacture molding production, surface after high temperature of the lacquer that bake. Fast shutter control system needs to be adjustable, assume that choose poor control system, the door in the process of operation is very unstable, tend to be run simple constitute the hydrodynamic limit and control system load state such as the circuit board burn out, therefore, consumers demand the acquisition time abundant attention to these problems.
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