Rapid rolling door guide rail density is much

by:Hongfa     2020-07-02
The orbit of fast door to match people's legs, to support the entire body, so it may gain a foothold in orbit resolution sex role. Popular we we accept cold rolled steel plate bending, and on the basis of the size of the door, the thickness of the material is difference, but at least not less than 2. 0 mm, so much to can it have sufficient support, prevent quickly gathered the sink or deformation. Anti-corrosion treatment, we accepted classic coating or fluorocarbon coating, can be color always beautiful like new, not decadent, rusty, there are some manufacturers, low capital operation to accept the manual spray paint, but careful users to carefully examine those inventions. As for the size of the shape, popular is 23 * 18, is thought of that is based on the door of the measure.
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