Rapid rolling door exactly calculating do not calculate fire door?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-27
Rapid rolling door due to the convenient and fast function was more and more love. It's running rate beyond 0 per second. 6 meters, can quickly at the maximum level of open and close, and no manual manipulation, just needs remote control command, and can provide convenience for use at the maximum level, turn in closed can greatly and low noise. As a result of the fabric with flame retardant, some manufacturers are too exaggerated the function, causes, a lot of customers think fast shutter is fire door, indeed there is a gap both in material and function. A, on the surface of ordinary difference is not big, but as an effective fire shutter, fire prevention is special. Used mainly by motor control, and rapid rolling door is by both manual and electric, but is is a motor control, but it is the difference between a use can be fire motor the other one is using ordinary. Second, from a manufacturing material fire shutter shade of internal fill is flame retardant insulation fireproof material, and rapid rolling door is polyester fiber cloth, from five seconds, then take the initiative to put out the fire, but not to fire. Is the physical or electrical switch alone, and the fire door is to connect the construction of objects in the whole fire control * 12 *. That is fast shutter fire shutter? Certainly not!
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