Rapid rolling door can't normally closed four big reasons

by:Hongfa     2020-07-03
The rapid development of industrial economy, the increasing need of large-scale rapid rolling door, is widely used in all kinds of industrial workshop, logistics channels, workshop, warehouse, equipment room, garage and other places. A customer response, rapid doors can't normally closed, this is what reason is caused? 1, check the controller: if the controller's green light long, hand automatic switch at this time all can't operation; Must hold to the sensor on the reset button to more than 5 seconds, loosen the long after the red light is bright, the green light to destroy; Such as green light still long after reset, please check around ground sense coil for the corresponding volume of iron. 2, automatic mode, more than set delay closing time, the door still not dropped, check the infrared lights are red or green, green for the normal state, red fault, appropriate adjustments infrared position until the green light. 3, fast door door have card lag phenomenon at the door or the condole belt off. 4, fast door door repeatedly run: door body appeared repeatedly run phenomenon, check first whether the door a body in the process of falling object or cut off the infrared curtain body itself situation, adopt corresponding way to rule out. That is fast shutter can't normally closed four big reasons, if you have other questions, welcome to contact hongfa door industry.
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