Rapid industrial door science application field

by:Hongfa     2020-07-20
Rapid industrial door is composed of multiple gauze shade after high temperature curtain plate structure, key role is adiabatic, moisturizing hydrating, anti-fouling, moth-proofing, sound insulation, noise reduction, etc. , keep the production workshop temperature control, humidify, clean office environment. Rapid industrial door used in food, pharmaceutical, electronics, rubber, chemical plants, cars, textiles, material flow, etc. Rapid industrial door can be opened into a knob switch and automatic induction switch, automatic induction switch by doors controller show open data signals to automatic control system, rapid rolling door automatic control system based on the location of the company's command to the soft starter, and starter drive motor make the door curtain rise rapidly, car non-motor vehicles according to the back door curtain automatic reduction, turn off the safe passage, until the next open closed data signal is open again. To put it bluntly, rapid rolling door elevator speed is very fast, can not like steel gate starting immediately terminate, generally must be soft starter to control motor speed. Rise more quickly, the better, faster in a timely manner, 500 px top and bottom) There must be a slow down cache termination process, in order to avoid collision track, avoid people, reduce noise, rapid rolling door that are thinking about a specification of features. Rapid industrial door rapid industrial door and rapid rolling door. The operation speed is very fast, more than 0. 6 m/s. Can quickly protection to ensure that level of clean production workshop air index, heat insulation, cold insulation, moth-proofing, wind resistance, anti-fouling, sound insulation, noise reduction, fire safety, prevent stink, illumination and so on the many kinds of function, and the common food, organic chemicals, textiles, electronics, shopping malls, cold storage, freight logistics, warehousing logistics, such as several sites, can be very high considering the performance of freight logistics and site cleaning, and energy saving, high speed automatic turn off, improve work efficiency, create a better working environment and other advantages. Industrial doors, industrial doors rolling door to the door of the joints theme page more industrial doors with multiple joints connected bridge door page theme activities, within the stationary cableway, door top secret medicine for management center to rotate around the door. Apply to commercial service stores, shopping malls, freight logistics, industrial and mining enterprises and other public places. Especially in the door leaf is very big, is trouble pavement portal page area with convenient installation, convenient to open the efficacy. From the open mode points: 1. Manual shutter. Depending on the shutter curtain management center shaft torsion spring balanced energy, about more than manual type shutter curtain power switch. 2. Electric shutter. Shutter special motor are: external software, American volume door machine, tube machine, fire safety, such as inorganic double curtain doors, fast aus from pp material into the door: inorganic cloth shutter, mesh structure doors, European classical doors, aluminum doors, amethyst doors, stainless steel doors, choi steel doors, polyurethane foam shutter
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