Rapid industrial door inverter wiring method

by:Hongfa     2020-07-23
Rapid industrial door inverter wiring methods: 1) Wire skin peeled off strip off too long will have the risk of short circuit fault with the adjacent line, peel dropped short wire will fall down. 2) Socket rod part terminals make wire of copper core cable from waterproof casing leakage about 0 ~ 0. After the 5 mm into. Socket, determine the shapes of rod terminals, not appropriate socket or rod side damage terminals don't have to be applied. 3) Stranded wire will be inserted terminals is also not used rods terminal, please use the word screwdriver button switch in the most deep place, then inserted into the wire. Note: if the connecting twisted immediately, to prevent the twisted and adjacent terminals or short circuit fault or short circuit wiring, please before wiring of wire to carry out sufficient stranded wire. Shock shutter inclined volume what should I do? Resistance to impact shutter roll tilt the key reason is the amount of doors on both sides of the scroll, such as the left side of the roll is larger than the right amount, the rolling door on the right side also set aside not roll up the slice. Caused by the quantity of doors on both sides of the roll up and down because of the inconsistent, will be very doors on both sides of the rolling bearing is not as (so), or a side of the rolling bearing rotating show, both sides can not up and down with a step. Or its thickness of rolling bearing to curtain body roll too loose. For this kind of problem, solutions should be carefully whether the curtain body deformation, each section in the middle of the rotation is flexible, high priority attention to the top left corner is easy to check out the problem areas. If be rolling bearing problems, please contact maintenance manufacturers changing shutter rolling bearing. If have items jammed, clear and neat again after open operation and proved whether to respond to all normal. Have to query the height of the door, and then pull the brake pedal of the motor and put on the door. On the high side of the page for the shutter door, bao hou to grasp itself, and then he released take a look at the door curtain is leveling, if the height strength can completely put the gasket thick, the door height minimum immediately DORA two times is ok.
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