Rapid industrial door installation instructions

by:Hongfa     2020-07-22
Gate is a new generation of automation technology on industry upgrading industrial door, the door on brake principle, can increase along the vertical metope or turning point, don't has a total area of the interior space, the actual operational level is simple, clear shape good brand image, design of air fashion trends, once appear rapidly in modern industrial workshop is in the engineering construction popularization. How to industry upgrading door installation? Generally includes the following several most: first, the installation of steel structure. With standard specifications of steel structure foundation on the opposite side of the hole, to ensure the flatness and roughness of the steel frame structure, then by expansion screws fixed to the wall, to ensure that each vertical tensile resistance of anchor bolt and not fall down, do not loose, and heed around rail clamp installation position. Second, the installation of tracks. On the basis of door plank, the total width and height to width ratio explicitly two tracks the part of the clamp and use level tube level measurement, with a square head screws. With metric scale measure quasi level track rail in the middle of the interval and metope and two level, with level level of quasi level track, then the standard rail connection with cap screws and hex nuts and the level of the rail and rail fixed clamp connection. Made two tripod in-band eye Angle, which is then and the end of the level of the rail with a cap screw, nut, and screw with inflation fixed on the ceiling or wall. Third, the installation of torsional spring. The torsional spring management center by the flange fixed bracket, polyester rubber ring, and consistent with the hydrodynamic net weight of torsional spring, clamping flange, reels, the sequential (rolling bearing bracket Distinguish between sides) Set on the hot dip galvanized steel pipe, and pay attention to the parts is installed properly. The torsional spring management center with lag screw bracket fixed to the hole edge straight middle short board, and pay attention to bypass the chain box installation parts. Land for bolt support, at the center of the torsional spring management polyester rubber ring, stationary and torsional spring connecting flange plate, the torsional spring again and the lap joint flange. Then scroll down to the bottom of the bearing support with large cap screw and nut fixed rail connection connection and level, the top of the rolling bearing bracket with lag screw fixed to the frame. Fourth, the installation of the door plank. Put on the bottom sealing strip at the bottom of the door plank, and use self-tapping screw from the reverse side fixed to the door. Put round bottom bracket in door on both sides near the bottom of the part of the sealing strip, 1 # folding respectively in the door at the top of the left right on the three parts, and each with a self tapping screw stationary. Then roller coated with vaseline wear into the bottom wheel bracket and 1 # folding, the door into the track of a stand and make it level. The 2 # folding, 3 # folding, ( 4 # folding) , crown chakra sequential respectively fixed to the top of the door plank of each piece of the upper and lower parts, each piece of choose 1 # folding door right in the middle part of the connection. Each piece of door plank into the track of a has been set up in order, use the M6. 4× 16 ㎜ self-tapping screw connection each folding and door plank, make each piece of door plank form an organic whole. Five, the torsional spring force. The galvanized steel wire rope ring at one end of the set on the bottom wheel bracket hook shaft. According to the law in force on the table to the torsional spring force, don't have to be more than or less than the required number of turns of half a circle, don't live in steel bar, will be on the other side of the galvanized steel wire rope to hang on the reel, galvanized steel wire rope tightened, lock reel, then lock clamping flange, don't live in steel bar removed. This process has the huge risk factors, be sure to safety tips, not only safeguard themselves, and to prevent hurt others. Sixth, the installation of a side door. Door of door of make the enterprise original factory specifications must be strictly implemented to carry out the installation, first fixed the casing outside the door stop, then fixed side door, door to door stop gap not more than 5 mm, aluminum Angle of not more than 5 mm, flat-fell seam gap small anti-theft lock is 100 ㎜ - from small door frame - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 200㎜。 Seven, the installation of the machine. The chain box and motor connection and stationary. The chain box front-end developer u-shaped frame fixed to the torsional spring management center support the above board and vertical center, the connecting chain box. Made with in-band eye Angle & prod; ” Below the bracket, and motor with fixed M8 connection, with above 2 M8 & times; The expansion of the 70 ㎜ screw fixed on the ceiling. Use the M6. 4× 16 ㎜ self-tapping screw will hook fixed to the door at the top of the middle part, join the hook. Connected switching power supply, observe the motor operation condition, adjust about scheduling. Eight, walk line. Use & phi; 0. 6 wire specifications of ivory the power cord, ( The modified threading tube 1. 0mm) From the end of a motor of the electrical control cabinet pick, terminal row along the motor bracket 1 to the left hole is apart from the pavement. 2 m place, every 1000 mm fixed a place, and then connected the electrical control cabinet. To get the line horizontal flat vertical, both beautiful and easy and effective. Nine, the installation of the sign. The sign must be combined with the installer serial number, and screw to the right of the door. Lattice door plank, the sign of the right end and along the right side of the grid full-justified; Type of door plank, the right end of the sign from the edge of the door plank is 150 mm up and down. Industrial upgrade installation of the door as far as possible to meet the requirements, only that can ensure the good run of late. 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