Rapid doors open use radar and sense of distinction

by:Hongfa     2020-07-01
Radar and fast door is the feeling of very important two parts, is the use of automated open, but the working principle of both is different. Below, simple talk about rapid doors open use radar and sense of distinction. Magnetic induction system produces induction to metal objects, only the radar sensor systems will be for all appear in its radiation within the scope of the moving object, such as people and objects will be induced, which essentially makes the difference between a customer according to the different needs to choose different induction methods on site. If so, if want to meet both vehicles passed automatically when open, and to allow pedestrians pass, you need to select the radar sensor systems, because the magnetic induction system not induced to people. And if the fast door use place abortion is bigger, customers don't want to let pedestrians use itself, magnetic induction system is a good choice. So, underground parking entrance door will generally choose magnetic coil is used to control the door open. If you want to let people and cars passed can automatically open induced, more is given priority to with radar sensor. But there are some enterprises in the initial installation of PVC door selection of radar opens quickly, in the later use, found that is not special use, because employees tend to have a special channel, only forklift, it'll be easier wrong operation, causing a waste of resources. So, there are users in the use of a period of time, requirements to sense induction open, such change is possible, but this is a factory to twice the cost of the installation. So customers when choosing way of rapid induction door, must according to the actual demand is reasonable to select different open means, has reached the best effect, saving more time and energy.
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