Rapid door installation common problem solution

by:Hongfa     2020-07-08
At present, the fast door market demand is not saturated, there are a large number of factories and enterprises need to install the door quickly. However, rapid door installation environment is more important. Today, hongfa door industry will give you some detailed interpretation of the fast door installation. One gate, where the need to install quick door fast application is very extensive, factory, garage, hotels, hotels, enterprises, Banks, supermarkets, hospitals, etc. , install fast door, can not only improve the efficiency of the use of air conditioning, can air-conditioning energy saving, noise reduction can even windproof, dustproof, and enhance the company image. Second, how to choose a fast door? 1, the choice of sensors. In star-level hotels and large companies can install the high sensitivity of the sensor, but in the place in the downtown store traffic was relatively large smaller sensors can use induction area, avoid to bring the result of misuse. 2, safe auxiliary device. In some big stores, in order to prevent the door event, to use infrared sensors to improve sensor sensitivity, increased safety. 3, installation of entrance guard system and electric lock. On the ATM ATM outside door can choose bank of entrance guard system, using electric lock, prevent the happening of the risk. Three, the fast is how to install and decorate with the need of rapid door nissan maintenance regularly, so, in order to be in the future more convenient maintenance and repair, try to choose stainless steel and aluminum materials used as a post or over the external decoration. Don't use marble as the facade, if must use, to be ahead of marble and fast door engineering, communications and consultations between avoid errors caused by lead to serious consequences to halt or rework. The door often use glass material, common and glass door. Rapid rolling door four, installation, high speed doors, rapid doors the installation of the choice of a professional agent for the project and must be able to provide perfect after-sales service, and there are plenty of inventory and technology as the foundation, so that the interests of the users can obtain the biggest safeguard.
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