PVC rapid rolling door limit to how to adjust

by:Hongfa     2020-07-14
PVC fast shutter is widely applied in the production and living, use effect is attention, and adjust the limit also is to have cultured very much. Below, specific methods, hongfa door to tell you about interested friends can learn together. 1, confirm zero: rapidly shutter control system in the PVC factory, manufacturers need a default Settings, make sure good after zero, to press down the button, so fast shutter door experience running down a short distance, press the up button, to determine whether the door to reach the ideal level, if position is not suitable, still need to move the origin or zero mechanical adjustment. 2, the number of closed loop adjustment: zero was determined, such as need to look at the high speed door can drop to a few percent, roughly estimate for the circle again. By running laps after input, in the fall, the door can be run to how much, if the number of turns more Settings, can be deleted, less, can be increased. Need to repeatedly adjust, after waiting for sure good laps in the stop. 3, single circle position to fine-tune: position parameters tuning unit is the rotation of the machine turns, so it is prone to error, which requires the parameter adjustment to the acme. Above is PVC fast shutter limit to how to adjust the problem, I hope it can help you, make sure good laps, ensure the correctness. To learn more knowledge about rapid rolling door, welcome attention hongfa door industry.
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