PVC fast shutter door industry quality inspection standards

by:Hongfa     2020-07-26
Fast shutter door industry quality inspection standards, packaging into 1 cut into scale length of galvanized sheet and coil galvanized sheet packing two kinds. Is general packaging, tin lined with waterproof paper, outside the iron kidneys to m, m strong, prevent the mutual friction between window in galvanized sheet. 2, limit specifications specifications related substances ( And in the following) Galvanized sheet are displayed suchas anti-democracy wide the limits of its thickness, length and total and allowing for a problem. Other, total plate width and length, volume, the total width of custom-made according to customer's request. 3, surface overview: galvanized sheet for handling contradictions in the plating process, an overview of the situation and contradiction, such as general zinc flowers, fine zinc, zinc zinc flowers, no flowers and overview of phosphating treatment, etc. Cut into scale length of galvanized sheet and galvanized steel coil is the application of harmful defects. 4, galvanized galvanized quantity limit value: galvanized quantity is implied that galvanized zinc layer thick. Such as galvanized quantity similar ( The thickness of galvanized) Contradiction and two-sided galvanized ( The poor thick galvanized) Two. Galvanized module is g/m2. 5, plate type plate type black and white can be measured in two general goals, there are vertical degree and long dao. Plate of vertical degree and long dao bending of the larger permitted limits also have stringent requirements. Rapid rolling door did not move because of the six 1, single-phase electric shutter electricity running capacitor, changing a running capacitor. 2, travel switch normally closed contacts blockage, fine polishing or changing a travel switch contact point. 3, automobile relay electromagnetic coil bad or air oxidation, smudgy, changing a car relay or fine polishing the contact point. 4, cable short circuit, search access to the cable. Stick 5, braking system, manual transmission chain drive two turns. 6 and overtemperature maintenance is invalid, changing a overload protector. Rapid door installation convenient for industrial application in industrial production of fast shutter net weight is relatively heavy, general provisions and open close the door, closed shop rate faster, thus, some must manually type spindle door shutter and discomfort to industrial production, and the industrial production rapid rolling door is just accord with the rules. The below people will discuss the rapid industrial door manufacturing fast shutter door manufacturer has produced what is convenient to industrial production. First, if you would like to ask a quick door manufacturers of industrial production quickly to industrial chain produced what runchang purge, rate is had to carry on the one hand. Compared with the manual type spindle shutter doors, rapid rolling door to keep the book door type power switch had much faster. There were so many areas in the industrial chain of the whole book door is the rate at which the power switch, therefore, in this aspect, fast shutter type also is more appropriate than manual type shuttle door of use in the industrial chain. Second, industrial production fast shutter can save energy, the power switch runchang purge. People may be able to see in the appearance of the small stores of manual type spindle door shutter, the power switch can sometimes see you this kind of rolling door, people may find they each time takes a lot of strength, and often arise because hard uneven book door doesn't close tightly. With fast shutter industrial production is not easy to surges this kind of situation, this kind of book door of the power switch is based on radar detection of the control system of induction coil, saving energy can be quite large extent. And in the interior of the shutter some design, make the book door in the open and close and it was stable and raise or lower, very good to deal with the book door doesn't close tightly because of the uneven vigor of the topic. End point is fast shutter price moderate, this to the industrial production in the production of the runchang purge cost budget and cost.
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