PVC door quickly parsing counterweight device

by:Hongfa     2020-07-29
PVC rapid rolling door because there is no balance block device, when on or turn off the shutter is not stable, great vibration, motor output power is big, only apply to small specifications of the door leaf. Around to get rid of the technical is not enough, a fast counterweight device can make the PVC door fast shutter doors open and turn off when the flow, operating more stable. PVC fast shutter balance block device, including doors installed in the above cable drum, set within the cable drum shaft, the shaft on the silk cloth curtain machine, one end of the drive shaft according to rolling bearing installed on the side side of the door leaf, the other end of the drive shaft and the driving force of the motor output connection, motor installed at the side of the door leaf above; The features are: on the drive shaft to eliminate motor set balance at the end of the block. Vertical orbit of balance block is set at the top of the cable drum, balance weight can be carried out along a vertical path elevator fitness movement. PVC fast shutter balance block device will balance block installed on one end of the cable drum, when the motor work, open and turn off balance block with drapes, conduct down or up the exercise, can make fast shutter open to turn off work in a more stable flow. PVC counterweight equipment simple structure, fast shutter can make PVC fast shutter operation more stable, reduce the operation noise and vibration, reduce need motor output power, and great to reduce manufacturing costs, especially in the right as a door size is large.
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