PVC door fast braking skid the cause and the treatment method

by:Hongfa     2020-07-28
PVC door quickly in many joint activities in series with the door piece within the fixed way, centering on the door above the scroll turning up and down the door of the security configuration and sealing performance is particularly important. Because PVC door in operation for the center scrolls quickly, so in the process of using skid phenomenon is a common problem. Below, hongfa industry summarizes some common cause of sliding body at the door, and the corresponding treatment methods, and see it together. 1, PVC and rapid braking friction brake piece had oil, wash clean with gasoline. 2, rapid doors compression spring force is reduced, the spring needs to be replaced. 3, electromagnet installation, install afresh. PVC sliding door not only affect the normal operation of the door quickly, more prone to accidents, so for this problem to solve immediately when found, do not delay. At the same time, the rapid rolling door maintenance please professional maintenance staff to carry out, as far as possible not to fast changing a PVC door and spare parts, dangerous accident easily.
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