Purchasing fast shutter find Lu Sheng door industry

by:Hongfa     2020-07-25
Factory needs some customers high demand in the production and distribution process of listen. Rapid logistics demand in time to the rapid, safe, reliable and door. Guangzhou Lu Sheng door gate of gratified these requirements and solutions quickly. Some special type of goalkeeper gratified as food, pharmaceutical, electronics, printing, textile, cigarette, clean workshop, including workshop, prevent loss of air conditioning and other property delivery room area of the compartment. Sealing strong not dust, high volatility, easy to wash, conform to the requirements of the CMP. High speed open guangzhou Lu Sheng door industry fast door door curtain, conversion can be divided wind function well ( 90kg/m2) , high frequency, 1000 - 1500 times/day) 。 All Lu Sheng are 1 - fast shutter 1. Minimum opening rate of 5 m/s, to ensure safe, rapid, high efficient and power saving, high speed open also make the door by the collision to minimize the hazard factor; Practical in fluent way, large area such as the mouth of the cave inside and outside the door, Have heat preservation, moistureproof, noise reduction, insulation, etc) Hurtling JLD - door screens JL - A04。 JPG practical security for employees on the safe side, at the bottom is equipped with all the rapid rolling door Lu Sheng infrared touch device, the rolling door have airbags, at the bottom of the door is equipped with anti-collision device, collisions with the most subtle object also can make the door stop and reverse rising. All the rapid rolling door Lu Sheng conforms to the national security model. Vulnerable to even door with rapid occasionally by collision, which would make driver was disturbing and expensive maintenance costs. But all Lu Sheng hurtling doors are equipped with an active derailment system, it can make the door after the attack, without any tools, and recover in a short period of time. High reliability of guangzhou Lu Sheng industry rapid door structure is simple, stable and reliable. On the power failure, all Lu Sheng hurtling shutter can be manual control.
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