Large industrial upgrade fast door how to maintain

by:Hongfa     2020-07-27
Large industrial upgrade fast door how to maintain Large industry promoted popular used in large factories, shipyards, hangar door is applied, is often used, if the income loss, can shorten its using life, thus needs regular maintenance. The following for the masses introduced some common maintenance methods. 1, just avoid using solid object collision or scratch material surface. 2, if difficult to rinse tools such as pollution of the oily be soiled, can use detergent to scrub, had better not use strong acid or alkali solution to wash, so much is not easy to make the material surface brightness is damaged, can also destroy protective film on the surface of the metal pieces and oxide layer and the corrosion of metal pieces, special is that some customers in metope is washed with sulfuric acid, never pay attention to don't let the door window is affected. 3, electric performance is enough in proper time, to do a maintenance. Smooth deceleration machine at least once every six months to add oil, other parts also should be checked regularly, in real time to replace. In use process, should just to avoid collision. About the torsion spring, after using period of time, such as a real-time should tighten loose condition, demand change immediately replaced. 4, when open the large industry promotion, efforts to moderate, but remain open and closed when the average rate.
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