Industrial sliding door how to achieve energy saving effect up on

by:Hongfa     2020-08-02
Industrial climbing course over the years continued to carry out the door, has been used in all walks of life, especially in the northern region, the weather was cold, sandstorm, on office and production workshop, the summer air conditioning refrigeration, winter heating or electric heater heating has become a necessary condition. The power cost for the company is in a good sum. Climbing height of the door sealing and heat insulation to prevent the loss of the air, and the sliding door elevating rate 0. 7 m / s - 2. 1 m/s to open course swiftly closed deter air. Thermal insulation has grown two millimeters if one door, and then annually for the enterprise day rise than a heating capability. For some people introduce you industrial sliding door is the arrival of alternative energy saving effects. With high high strength, high air tightness, water tightness, high precision, good heat insulation, sound insulation to obey. Energy saving is the key to under the condition of satisfaction used to obey, has higher heat preservation and heat insulation. The cold weather in winter, chamber inside temperature difference is bigger, assume that air tightness is not high, the room inside air pressure difference, flaw course enter indoor, outdoor cold air to form volatile at room temperature, affect indoor condition and requires a lot of heat, we call this representation cool wind penetration throughout the &; ; And hot climate in the summer, the high temperature climate outdoor and indoor use air conditioning refrigeration, air attack activity of hot air course flaw enter indoor, the cooling energy consumption. Whether it's cold still hot, in the case of bad air tightness, room add inside the temperature difference will cause the energy consumption, thus, industrial slippery rise door airtight obedience is a main way of the energy saving. Wansheng slippery rise choose new high frequency welding craft door, all active joining together a molding, and the bottom of the door curtain is equipped with airbags BuDou, with a variety of uneven ground sealing joint, guide the built-in brush, to reach high sealing effect.
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