Industrial sliding door drawings, use, maintenance instructions

by:Hongfa     2020-08-02
Content before beginning to produce industrial slippery rise for everyone to appreciate the general security door drawing rule 1. Products before installation, please read the implementation plan. 2. It is strongly recommended that comply with this kind of road safety for life considering the implementation of the scheme, three incorrect application of commodities. Is not easy for all the wrong or not according to the specific application of the application of the harm of lead to bear. 4. Don't put the flammability, inflammable, explosive accumulation is the edge of the door, in case of household electrical appliances posture which lead to the risk! 5. Is not easy for the installation of the installation caused by not following the standard specification is not successful, or all in the application of deformation. 6. In all the operation process, be sure to close the total brake of system software. 7. Customers need to produce a leakage circuit breaker, switch power supply electric power flow is 0. 03A( Leakage current) Or the power supply system has been relatively leakage protector system software. 8. Door in fitness in the whole process, don't let children or small animals stand finished goods around. 9. Don't let children get device controller, and all the controls. Automatic system software will be unexpected to start. 10. The end user must guard against himself to maintenance and adjust the automation technology and equipment. This practice only authorized qualified technical engineer to carry out installation. 11. The end user must be installed in front of the application of technical engineers read all instructions and common normal common problems. Common problems industrial sliding door is a kind of large and medium-sized, heavy machinery and equipment, in the yellow torque under the effect of exercise, such as incorrect operation will cause serious accident, so that workers and the safety of the raw materials, please have the door installation according to the following appropriate practical industrial slippery rise door installation have stronger professional ability, must by the manufacturer according to strict manufacturing processes to carry out the installation to make the door safety, smooth operation. Door and the improper installation will cause the component of hydraulic hoist fall and serious safety accidents. Electric doors in the application of dynamic operation process, must by the professional and technical personnel will increase industrial sliding door, adjust to the normal situation. The door must be in the actual operation staff observe the scope can be applied electric open to close. Appropriate application of control panel, and pay attention to your door in operation scope has all barricades. Door in operation, Rise and fall) When ban rebirth through at gate or door leaf. Clear the door completely turn off suitability can leave. Don't have to be pounding percussion control board, in case the panel cause common faults. The content of finally say a sliding door drawings
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