Industrial promotion door installation, the mode of operation

by:Hongfa     2020-07-12
Industry upgrading along the tracks up and improve a door that is to say the hydrodynamic industrial doors, the industrial door general specification is quite big, and now is widely used in large and medium-sized factory gates medium level production workshop and warehouse. Generally good guys in buying industrial door, so the actual industrial door installation operation process of ascension have? 1) install FuGui FuGui specifications shall be length slightly longer than the industrial door door plank. When installing a FuGui, must pay attention to its flatness, can't skewed. (2) fixed rail industry must pay attention to when installation way rail slope, door leaf every increase 1 m tracks also skewed 1 cm. Bottom rail should be with wall spacing is 50 mm, rail connection on both ends of the head part to alignment, FuGui Angle connection with bolt and the flange with fixed. (3) installation of spare parts will twist spring supporting frame, fixed flange, and there are also consistent with the hydrodynamic net weight of the torsional spring, wire line plate, successively sequential sets of rolling bearing racks and other spare parts in the industrial door of the main girder. ( Note: when installing spare parts, do we have to pay attention to distinguish the location, at the bottom of the installation to check again. ) (4) install door plank with finding a good level, level instruments and equipment to industrial door on both sides of the door plank is consistent, the door plank with soft cushion padded, initially installed on both sides of hinges, sequential install door plank. After stationary, average middle small hinges. (5) torsional spring force on the galvanized steel wire rope ring at one end of the set on the bottom wheel racks hook shaft, according to the division of the force on the table to the torsional spring force, need not beyond differentiate or less than the number of turns, don't live with a steel bar, will be on the other side of the galvanized steel wire rope to hang on the reel, galvanized steel wire rope tightened, lock reel, then lock clamping flange, don't live in steel bar removed. ( Note: this whole process has a huge risk factor, essential to note that not only safeguard themselves, and to prevent damage to other people. ) 6 dress motor will be installed at the site of the relative, with a small screw fixed can. All landowners periodic inspection regulation during adjustment, must pay attention to adjust the flexibility of industrial door each location, operation flow, inspection certification, several times until the industrial door real ascension operation, after customer acceptance of work, no problem, all in order to be announced in the installation work.
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