Industrial door slippery rise before installation should pay attention to?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-31
Industrial door slippery rise before installation should pay attention to? If a worker wants to be a good man, he must first hone weapons. Industrial sliding door installation is a technical work. Before technical work, we need to check the preparation material, so that we can successfully complete work. Before installing the industrial overhead door, we need to do the following: 1. Check the size. When installing door industry upgrading, please again inspection door opening size and two layers of space position, in order to ensure the installation conditions. Industrial door body size in accordance with the size of the openings. 2. Check the track. Guide rail is an important part of industrial assembly, its size and position must be accurate. It has to do with the integrity of the lift door. If the wall itself is not flat, you must first be flat in order to ensure the back of the guide before the next installation is located in the same plane. 3. Debug the drive shaft. The shaft is associated with the operation of industrial promotion door. Once the drive shaft is stuck and harden and body will not be able to run smoothly. After the installation of the drive shaft, therefore, must carry on the debugging. Make sure it is smooth and flexible rotation. 4. Qualified hardware accessories. Although hardware accessories such as guide and door big important, but their quantity is very big and very critical. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high quality hardware accessories. If the installation fails, the normal operation of the industrial promotion door keeper. How do high quality wind book door of choose and buy? Wind book door is the Shanghai wind door production enterprises hongfa to solve the problem of high winds and production of a special type of door. It has a good ability to resist wind, can withstand 12 winds. Wind is composed of series connection wind curtain door, the wind curtain adopts high strength, high strength, strong high strength aluminum alloy molding structure. Wind curtain hook can ensure that at the same time, the guide rail plate will not leave in the strong wind guide rail, and have a typhoon, napping, rain, rain. Moistureproof, prevent noise, cold proof, heat insulation, sand prevention. 1. When buying, please check to see if wind shutter support manual function, manual operation and can be convenient and quick. 2. Wind book door not casually, and need to double automatic locking function. 3. In order to make it run more smoothly, it is necessary to increase the tension, so usually adopts eight before and after the wheel drive and continuous production and installation of gear rotation technique. 4. We also need to observe whether wind shutter institutions is accurate, degree of lubrication and cooling function is good enough. 5. To observe the wind shutter door motor. If wind shutter door adopts full gear rotation, no chain, no belt, you can greatly increase the shutter door movement of the whole life.
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