Induction metal detector metal detectors and door

by:Hongfa     2020-09-18

Metal detector principle is: the sense of space and generate clutter field, then it will have amplified signal, if not of metal, even if no signal is amplified.

Also one, it will send a frequency electromagnetic waves, because the metal has self-inductance, will shift the frequency of occurrence, when it followed a deviation of electromagnetic waves received, put the difference frequency amplified signal.

Metal detector in the detection sensor to detect when the door area to stay in the metal signal an alarm sound. Principle of distinction by function as follows:

1, the metal detector gate accuracy: maximum agility in the middle of the door can be detected by a pin (or 1 / 2), paper clip, can be detected by taking a hundred times a hundred times, and the string will not be omitted reported. Can also be ruled out belt buckle, shoes, bra impact test to 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metal, or knives.

2, the metal detector gate six location display: Products are divided into six zones, each zone suspicious objects can be displayed properly.

3, the number of metal detector gate statistics: the number and can be detected by the alarm number, take the 100 meter 100, no more or less about design.

4, the metal detector gate shock-proof design: the world exclusive shock-proof design, standing in the middle of the door, slapped both sides of the door, the door should not be false positives.

5, adjust the metal detector gate agility: agility can be adjusted, a total of two hundred agility.

6, the metal detector gate door material: the appearance of the use of PVC, and foreign brands of the same material and appearance, beautiful, generous, fire and moisture.

7, the metal detector gate post lights on both sides: both sides are two rows of LED lights, a visual display of the alarm location, sound and light alarm simultaneously.

8, metal detector door panel display: The front panel liquid crystal (LCD) shows that in the English menu, built-in agility to detect a variety of places recommended to set the value, one-touch buttons, like electronics factory use, select electronics factory, all of its parameter is the electronic factory parameters, more simple to install and control.

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