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by:Hongfa     2020-08-08

The reason why there is such a function, because there is a known as the 'Tube' ray tubes and other electronic components played a key role. Ray tube, also known as photoresistor, the exposure time by which the resistance value changes in the strength of a major change in electronic components, driven by the principle of optical signals to electrical signals change.

A place with automatic doors, which are often installed in fluorescent tubes. When the people through the following light tubes, light blocked, catheter change immediately lightfastness. This change will start immediately after the trigger, the motor drives the glass door open an execution unit, it is connected to the motor circuit. When the pedestrians, normal light, fluorescent tubes, the resistance will change, it will automatically connect to the motor rotating in the opposite direction of the circuit, so that the glass door automatically closed.

In a number of new public toilets, urinals when we go before the stop, urinals clean water immediately, wait until completed, clean the urinal in the water again. These devices automatically control the light guide, which not only clean our environment, but also to avoid cross-infection. Public places, because if not automatically open and close doors, but sliding door by hand, often let our hand contamination.

In fact, the light pipe is a sensitive material. The so-called sensitive materials have physical and chemical properties of light, electricity, sound, heat, magnetism, gas, temperature and humidity are very sensitive to them, so they correspond to the sight, smell, taste, hearing and tactile organs automatic control, play an important role.

There is a true story. One day, a smoke alarm suddenly sounded. After watching the game was originally free tenants lost not extinguished cigarette butts, thus giving rise to the left of the carpet smoke, fire. As the police in time, the fire was quickly extinguished. Many smoke alarms can automatically alarm, which is due to the presence of gas sensor materials. The sensitive material in a certain concentration of smoke encountered resistance to change, triggering an alarm circuit. Therefore, the in-depth study of sensitive materials, will be with the people of science and technology development and in-depth study of this material will make it in more areas, for the benefit of mankind.

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