If you own a factory floor space that has many

by:Hongfa     2020-09-17

In many of these places where certain set temperatures need to be maintained, it is useless to install a regular door system because a factory floor is an area where a high level of footfall is to be expected. Heating or cooling systems in these places must operate above peak levels to maintain a constant temperature. Simply using doors to block off rooms of different temperatures is an ineffective means of maintaining this constant. Every time a door is opened, large amounts of cool or warm air enter the controlled temperature zone. With this in mind, another solution must be sought to prevent heat loss in regularly accessed areas.

Plastic door curtains are the simplest solution if you want to avoid the effect of heat loss within your factory, as this allows easy access for factory personnel while simultaneously retaining heat and great for dust control purposes. Also known as polyvinyl chloride, it is a thermoplastic polymer that is the third most widely produced plastic in the world. Aside from contaminants, it is also useful in sound reduction as well. The amount of noise emanating from machinery within your factory can be an annoyance as well as a hazard. Sometimes, hearing orders from your shift supervisor can be difficult amidst the clanking and whining of metal. You will definitely want to make sure that you hear whatever has been said.

It's not only industrial places like factories that need to have some sort of flexible barrier in place. There are other facilities that benefit from having this. For example, hospitals, laboratories, and precision manufacturing companies that utilise specialised instruments must have adequate clean room space in order to maintain the integrity of their work. These rooms must be kept free from dirt, dust, and debris at all times. Clean room PVC curtains can do that because they contain anti-static qualities which help ward off contaminants.

Car wash facilities utilise wash bay doors that are made of PVC to segregate the different stages of the cleaning process. This helps keep your car looking its best once it has made it through one stage and is heading into the next. It is often difficult to keep mud, grease, soap, and slime when it is splashed all over the work area which is why having PVC Doors PVC Curtains can help you avoid all of that.

Protect your premises and employees with durable PVC strip curtains. Gain easy access to your facilities with PVC doors, contain dust, noise, control temperature and screen for privacy.

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