How to solve the problem of rapid rolling door sealing

by:Hongfa     2020-07-28
Rapid rolling door used numerous advantages, suitable for different etc. Rapid rolling door in addition to lifting precision, high degree of automation, the biggest characteristic is sealing strong, can be completely isolated from inside and outside, to ensure the cleanliness and safety of internal environment. So, you don't ignore the importance of rapid rolling door sealing. So, how to solve the problem of rapid rolling door sealing? 1, timely maintenance, rapid rolling door sealing performance offers many advantages, can not only cut off the dust and noise and other advantages. But in the use of fast shutter must timely maintenance, ensure that the door can work better, meet the demand of practical application. However, the actual shows that few people can maintain rapid door in time, lead to rapid rolling door malfunction, unable to get the job done. You don't underestimate the importance of maintenance, only to do maintenance work on a regular basis, not only can prolong the service life of rapid rolling door, at the same time also can ensure workplace application requirements. 2, compact connection parts compact connection parts must be well done, only parts of the compactness, to ensure rapid rolling door seal. Door sealing is the basis of the compact parts, if the parts is not compact, have a certain gap, the fast shutter must not has good seal performance, so the user must notice when choosing door component compactness. 3, no damage fast shutter in use, must pay attention to the problem of breakage. Due to the door to use for a long time, may be in use will damage it, so the user must be careful when using, avoid damage door, which reduces the door sealing. Here to remind you, if you want to decrease the damage degree of the door, be sure to check regularly. Rapid rolling door in the application, must pay attention to the sealing problem. If rapid rolling door sealing cannot assure, it won't be able to achieve the ideal application in practical application effect. Therefore, users should regularly inspection door sealing performance.
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