How to do fast shutter maintenance?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-28
With the development of the society, the fast shutter is more and more widely applied to live and work in a variety of places, hongfa fast shutter door production with insulation, cold insulation, insect-resistant, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, prevent bad breath, multi-function, such as daylighting provide convenience for the life and production, in use process, how to maintain the fast shutter, so that it can run for a long time? We followed the hongfa industry to resolve on the importance of maintenance and maintenance methods in the first place, why must carry on the fast shutter to maintain? We all know that there are frequent opening and closing in fast shutter daily operation, as a new type of industrial products quickly, to reduce the loss of the machine to reduce the maintenance cost and manpower capital investment, is very necessary to do the usual maintenance well, then, how to do fast shutter to maintain? 1. Should arrange the specialist is responsible for the maintenance, maintenance personnel must have some basic knowledge of electrical and mechanical, and records on file for each maintenance; 2. Clean body at the door, generally use soft cloth to wipe, clean the surface of the metal frame body protection to prevent rust problem, such as can make body remained as new; 3. Due to the rapid rolling door structure is simple, maintenance people should first check whether the open/close button is normal, electric cabinet indicator display is normal; 4. To install the alarm accessories such as position, check whether there is any battery, keep the alarm function; 5. Ensure mechanical rotating parts of the parts have enough lubricant, avoid mechanical wear between the components, to prolong the cycle of parts; 6. Then say inverter maintenance, regular check whether there is foreign body jam frequency converter inlet, filter cleaning once a month to cool the dust in the wind. Insulators and conductors have no corrosion inspection once a year, if you have used alcohol to wipe. Look at the bolts, screws and the plugin is there is loose, the output and input reactor to ground and resistance have no short circuit, normal should be greater than a few ohms. Test opening and closing the power output of each circuit voltage stability. Contactor contacts have lighter traces, the situation of serious cases to replace is the same as or greater than the volume of new contactor. Confirm the correctness of the control voltage, in order to protect the movement test, confirm there is no abnormal display circuit protection, confirm the balance of the output voltage frequency converter in a separate runtime degree; 7. Motor maintenance process: clean the rotor, and then to replace carbon brush or loss class components, vacuum pressure F of dip coating, drying, and dynamic balance in the school, is the basis of the complete machine; Maintain fast shutter notice: 1. Maintain rapid rolling door, the door shall not stand below or pedestrians pass, the staff can not leave in the middle of the maintenance and to prevent accident; 2. Door once found abnormal situation, in the process of maintenance shall immediately take emergency measures, disconnect the input power, some troubleshooting; 3. The door of not running for a long period of time, half a year for a maintenance, maintenance across the hall before running tests; Rapid rolling door just regular maintenance and maintenance, maintain safe operation, reduce the loss of the resources of the most important is to extend the service life of the door, to create maximum value for users.
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