How to choose the right fast shutter

by:Hongfa     2020-07-07
Rapid rolling door is suitable for hotels, hotels, Banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc. , application is very broad. Well, here's how to choose a suitable fast shutter? Hongfa door to remind, we will according to the environment and the requirements of rapid rolling door installation, consider to choose fast shutter configuration. 1, the choice of sensors: in upscale hotels, office buildings, can choose high sensitivity of the sensor; The side-walk Banks, shops and other people often pass by, choose the narrow area of the sensor. 2, safety auxiliary devices: in high-grade hotels and other places to put an end to the fast shutter and clamp clamp can choose to install an infrared sensors. 3, installation of entrance guard system and electric lock: in self-service banking rapid door installation, can increase the self-service bank entrance guard system installation, equipped with electric lock, in order to achieve to go out of control. 4, equipped with backup power supply, power outage to ensure rapid rolling door can work normally, can be equipped with backup power supply. Hongfa industry reminder, for the convenience of fast shutter of maintenance in the future, is available in stainless steel, aluminum or aluminum as a post, woodwork facing outside. If the marble as facing outside, fast door between engineering and marble engineering must determine the construction scheme of mutual cooperation in advance, so as not to appear error, leading to rework to do serious consequences.
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