How to achieve the result of energy saving rapid door

by:Hongfa     2020-07-07
Fast door is relatively important points of its sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, dustproof, high strength, high water tightness, high air tightness performance, etc. Fast door can meet in itself function under the condition of the energy saving is the key point, and make the heat insulation. In the workshop or office, the summer to open air conditioning open central heating in winter has been normalized, it consumes a lot of energy to make enterprises to increase the economic burden. And fast door high tightness can be very effectively prevent loss of air, and ideal door open closed fast speed, the air is not easy to drain. In the winter, and indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big, if low sealing, can make the outdoor and indoor air pressure difference, the cold air from cracks into indoor, outdoor so indoor temperature will have a larger fluctuation, have an impact on the indoor environment and consume more heat. Hot in summer, under the condition of poor sealing whether hot or cold, outdoor and indoor temperature will increase energy consumption, so the fast door sealing is very important. The working process of the fast door: by the door sensors provide the trigger signal to the control system, the rapid rolling door control system according to the current location issue instructions to the frequency converter, the curtain rise quickly, and start motor drive traffic through the automatic door curtain drops, after close the channel, until the next door open signal again. Rapid rolling door, as the name implies, lifting speed is very fast, can't stop, like steel gate direct start general need the inverter to control motor speed. Rises the sooner the better, faster in place ( 20 cm) Need to have a slow buffer stop process, in order to prevent the collision orbit, prevent clip, reduce noise, which is a measure of fast shutter performance good or bad. Hongfa the fast door door industry is a professional manufacturer, to provide one-stop services such as research and development, production, sales and installation, the main products are fast door and rapid rolling door, industrial door, medical airtight door, clean the door, collision free door, etc. , welcome to consult.
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