How many kinds of fast door control method?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-03
How to use the rapid rolling door? Along with the fast door into the country, many enterprises have to install and use it, sometimes have some problems. How to use the normal fast shutter? The shutter shutter use 1 for details. In the fast shutter during operation, the operator should not be left control position without hesitation. Pay close attention to open and close situation and implement, is out of the opening and closing volume curtain. Some people stand to walk. To prevent trip switch failure, shutter and motor block and other accidents. 2. If found abnormal situation, in the process of fast shutter use shall immediately take emergency measures to block the input power and troubleshooting. 3, rapid doors shall establish the maintenance of track system on time, and make every shade of maintenance and records, file. 4, long-term unopened shade must keep every six months time, the content is to remove dirt, paint, roller chain and sprocket drive part of the same. Rapid rolling door several control methods have? Fast shutter now in major shopping centers, Banks, factories and other industries have more demand, its practicability and convenience make it subject to the market. Rush. It is because of fast shutter several control methods, only won the market recognition. 1. Remote control open the shutter. Suitable for frequent into forklift trucks and other vehicles, personnel into the door, open the door by the remote control. 2. Radar rapid rolling door open. Suitable for frequent into forklift trucks and other vehicles, personnel into the door, advantages: fully automatic opening and closing, as long as input radar inductive zone will automatically open the door without operation. Disadvantages: as long as there is a moving object by radar sensing area, the door will open ( When the control handle in automatic gear) 。 When the control lever in the manual position radar when that didn't work, only action buttons, rope switch off) 。 3. Manual push button door quickly. Suitable for frequent entry-exit personnel access door. When people enter or leave the door, can open button to open the door. 4. Pull on the rope fast door manually. Suitable for frequent use of forklift trucks and other vehicles, personnel access door, extend the door manually. 5. Photoelectric open the shutter. When vehicles pass through photoelectric sensing area, the control sensor circuit receives signals from the photoelectric sensor and instructed the shutter open. Advantages: when the control handle in automatic gear, without staff fully automatic opening and closing operation. 6. The circular open the shutter. When automatic gear hit control box control handle. As long as the metal objects such as vehicles or other equipment of the sensing area of the earth coil, the person can push and pull the metal car, and the door open. The circular sensor sensitivity is adjustable. When people don't carry metal objects by magnetic sensing area, the door won't open. When the control handle in the manual position, magnetic induction doesn't work. At this point, the only opening and closing action buttons, cord switch, etc. 7. Connecting rod interlocking door quickly. It is mainly used in the factory gate, shop door and high clean level of the access door. Doors open automatically can trigger sensors automatically by the access type equipment to complete. Such as radar, circular and sensor, light inductance to wait. The above is how to use the fast door is introduced. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service. We will answer you one by one.
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