High-speed stacking door for what?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-13
Recent web editor that lack of rapid accumulation on the Internet available scenarios of the spectrum, as the pace of China's top doors manufacturers, hongfa wood door have the responsibility to lead to do this thing. Rapid accumulation is a door is different from the fast fast shutter door, from using the effect is very close to, is more than applied shock, moth-proofing, moth-proofing, etc, but it is more suitable to the extreme outdoor natural environment. First to open closed two door method, fast door according to door hinge door curtain by scrolling is reduced, and the accumulation of door of door open to turn off page stack is sedimentary type, because stacking door found in outdoor natural environment door leaf is very big, so the door page specification is much and heavy, and the impact on the curtain of seamless steel tube to the accumulation of the dry weight, so the design of open to turn off more easily stack into sedimentary type, defect is opening and closing speed is slower than the rapid wide, door page after the net weight is not the same level, but because the door page weight, so the impact resistant ability to work better than fast door. On sealing performance, the door at the bottom of the page with ductile PVC with extreme uneven pavement base fabric can cater to more than high sealing effect. Hongfa the accumulation of the specifications of the door of wooden door can be more than the area of the H15 * W18, can consider the requirements of the most extreme outdoor natural environment, various curtain tonal choose, also can be made with customer satisfaction, doorway pages open induction according to radar detection, magnetic, optical, manual type rope, methods of remote control, common in shipbuilding industry, light industry, steel industry, processing industry, large and medium-sized underground parking garage, industrial workshop is moved. The rapid accumulation available door scene of a large number of interested parties advisory people online customer service. Large and rapid accumulation door used in various industrial production workshop, people will often see rapid rolling door of figure, due to its power switch quickly, prevent mosquito anti-fouling, protective effect of internal and external gas for general use, however, are not necessarily all places available fast shutter, the size of the most rapid rolling door is only applicable to door always within 5 meters wide, aspect ratio is within 5 meters is best, however, many different role at that time the production workshop, the door size will meet big many, such as high than at about 6 meters wide, total width, the doors of the 10 meters, generally fast shutter is not suitable, this at that time, the most appropriate, is install the door. The characteristics of large and medium-sized rapid accumulation door: the accumulation of large and medium-sized door larger total is 13 meters wide, aspect ratio is 10 meters, impact resistant level is larger than magnitude 7, this is due to the rapid accumulation of seamless steel tube shock structure, piling up the door of the gate page choose stainless steel plate, door curtain is imported advanced industrial production base cloth, polyester fiber fabrics according to the provisions on the spot, can be customized different hues. Large and medium-sized accumulation door for chose cooperation SFT technology professional motor, to more than hundreds of times a day the power switch didn't burn machine, overall stability, operating system software is a priority most production workshop and construction site, see more at the construction site warehouse car import and export trade. Large and medium-sized fast accumulation door installation note point: when installation of large and medium-sized accumulation of the door, must be embedded door frame up and down the 500 mm of interior space, to install the door the door frame, without embedded parts, you must show that early to develop stud as a strong point of the door. Door on must leave about 500 mm of interior space, to install the rooms to other use, before the installation must put the switch power supply parts good early on the spot, convenient installation personnel to carry out the installation time access. As conditions on the spot is unique, you must contact design staff to carry out the design scheme, make sure that the door can security are all normal application.
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