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High-Speed Doors Increases Air Traffic Safety

High-Speed Doors Increases Air Traffic Safety


They are at the hub in international air traffic operations and are proving to be ideally suited in demanding airport environments. One of the latest projects in this sector is the fire station at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris. The French newspaper [Le Parisien[ speaks of gigantic doors which open in only two seconds. This outstanding performance provides the airport firemen with the confidence of being able to reach even the most remote corner of the airport within 90 seconds after the alarm has been triggered. No doubt: in this sector, it is particularly important that doors work properly. [It cost 5,000,000 Euro to build the new fire department. We installed six series S high-speed doors there. Thanks to the high opening speed, the firemen can now exit much quicker thus increasing air traffic safety in Paris", It all began in 2006 when the first Hongfa doors were installed at Orly airport. After further negotiations with Aéroports de Paris (AdP), the new fire department was planned specifying Hongfa high-speed doors. Shortly after, a new order was placed. [In the meantime, nine EFA-SSTPremium doors have been installed in a maintenance hangar at Charles de Gaulle Airport", says Christopher Seysen. [These orders are an important basis for further business relations because all airports around the world are modelling themselves on the Paris Fire Brigades."

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