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by:Hongfa     2020-07-25
The ministry launched the garage doors, commercial and industrial inspection activities. 2005 Spanish production order and product requirements must be CE mark garage doors and industrial board, shows that they meet the requirements of the European rules all security requirements ( Manufacturer, serial number, manufacturing date or adaptation. 。 。 ) 。 But until recently, the ministry has taken a more stringent measures, and since march of this year, industrial territory address decision in the garage door, establish monitoring protocol in commercial and industrial markets. The inspection protocol, review elements provide each type of security needed for the door quickly, CE marking and must accompany the documents. Under the condition of not comply with any security requirements, besides after check the door seal, is the manufacturer or owner economic sanctions. These checks will continue this year, and intend to analysis of the results, in order to take measures to encourage the department to abide by the rules. · Discuss one of the most important aspect in these control Algunos is as follows: CE signs: including building products minimum levels required by the rules, such as the identity certification bodies, serial Numbers, reference Numbers acting declaration. 。 。 。 。 。 · Documentacion: including performance statement, conformance statement, using manual and maintenance of the book. · Security check: according to check the door, will be one or the other, including the system crushing, photocell, fall prevention systems. 。 。 。 。 。 For Door industry company, in the field of both manufacturers and installation personnel like us, Speed, feel is an essential aspect of security components registration and control, and mark the CE and each Door the attached document, committed to through our service to provide customers with the best experience. Speed will be held on October 17 solstice feel 21 in Mexico City for the 2017 Moscow Mexico and Speed of the important activities of Latin America will feel to participate in the 2017 Moscow news release on September 26, 2017 by SpeedDoorSpeed on October 17 solstice feel 21 in Mexico City for the 2017 Moscow Mexico and Latin America one of the important activities CIHAC Expo is on 21st October 17 solstice held a special activity in Mexico, for building and professionals of related industries and companies, the industry is building materials, tools and machinery manufacturers and distributors. Speed door represents a chance, because the exhibition can mean the boundary of the Latin America and the extension of trade relations. Our company will be in APA, automatic door association with the support of Spain to Moscow in 2017, accompanied by six companies for Spain in the field of automatic door series products, including: industrial, residential, commercial garage door, pedestrian, automation, fire fighting and components. This activity by IFAP ( The international exhibition of automatic door) And Feria DE Valencia and PA version ( Automatic door) Direct cooperation, with the support of the Mexican Spanish chamber of commerce, the APA by the association & throughout; Spain's automatic door sector institutions in Mexico. Because of these entities to coordinate and support, Speed may be feel part of the event, and with other companies, APA members count, we are looking forward to your help.
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