Figuratively speaking, the controller like the

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System status parameters determined, the controller must be able to adjust the automatic doors of running, such as opening speed, closing speed, to maintain on-time, closed strength. Automatic sliding door of the high-end functions can be adjusted up to 30 species. More specific state control are the following:

(1) Emergency

What is involved here is not designed for emergency work in automatic doors. Channels such as fire doors, emergency doors, automatic doors can be opened, but rather in a state of emergency (power outage state) of the automatic doors in public areas, according to fire safety requirements should generally be able to keep the power turned on, or can be easily opened by hand. So that emergency personnel can seamlessly fled the scene. Automatic doors have a high-end switch to set off when the door is closed when power.

(2) Access control system and emergency

Installation of automatic door locks have a lot of mechanical defects. The first is to reduce the degree of automation, the inconvenience to users, in large public places, can not achieve centralized control. The most serious is that if due to misuse or other causes in the locked door was opened before the power, door sensor signal after the driver door, will form overload. Serious motor may be burned.

Lock the door access control system is to make automated processing program. Access control system in the non-public areas to prevent unauthorized opening, to improve the security of. However, in order to meet fire safety requirements. Must also be in a state of emergency can open the door. Under special conditions, such as: public room to lock the door after work, after the entry of uninvited guests do not want to, and automatic doors in the working time and should have the power to open the door of the emergency function, therefore, automatic doors should reach such a level: at the end to lock the door case of power failure the door is open: Once locked. Lock the door when the door should remain off state. This prevents any unauthorized conditions, trying to use power to open the door: So, lock in the program design if you can not be a reasonable arrangement occurs chance to open the door, which allowed non-public areas of the . Therefore, the non-public areas of automatic fire doors should be able to control the emergency door key switch. This is the automatic doors of the emergency security features and functions of the compromise.

(3) Inter-chain function

In isolated areas of high external environmental requirements (such as sealed workshop) at the entrance to the installation of double automatic sliding door usually. In order to prevent two doors open simultaneously, each chain will be made functional requirements, that is only when one door closes after another door to open. In the past to achieve this function. Need to design a special connection to the circuit. IC controller design usually has the function of the program, and leave spare terminals. The latest integrated circuit controller can be automatic sliding door in between two phase terminals connected interconnection, Select or cancel this feature. This feature can also be used for automatic doors and air curtains connection.

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