Fast shutter two localization way

by:Hongfa     2020-07-10
Rapid rolling door, also known as rapid soft door curtain, refers to the speed more than 0 per second. The door of 6 meters, the main effect is fast isolation, thus ensuring dust-free workshop air quality level. Rapid rolling door there are two kinds of positioning methods: mechanical positioning: this way of positioning and steel gate is similar, the advantage is fast speed, low demands on controller. Rotary encoder positioning: this way has the advantage of location, with a resolution of 1024 encoder, for example, 3 m high door into nearly 9000 points, theoretical accuracy can reach 0. 3 mm, height setting is simple, general design of the fast shutter control system with only one button can be arbitrarily set high, this is very practical. Price is higher, defect is rotary encoder itself is a precision components is spoiled, and need to use with PLC program. Fast shutter working principle: there is the door sensors provide a trigger signal to the control system, control system according to the current position of fast shutter issue instructions to the frequency converter, the curtain rise quickly, and start motor drive traffic through the automatic door curtain drops, after close the channel, signal again until the next door open.
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