Fast shutter system composition and working principle

by:Hongfa     2020-07-10
Rapid rolling door is mainly composed of door frame system, door curtain system, drive motor, control system and security system of several systems. Frame system: the main material is carbon steel or aluminum alloy. Door curtain system: is mainly composed of PVC fabric or aluminum alloy profiles. Especially the PVDF membrane material anti-aging performance is better, not easy to fade and self-cleaning function, make rapid rolling door very suitable. Drive motor, is mainly composed of brake pads, motor, reducer into a unit. Rapid rolling door is braking deceleration motor, required brake quickly and has little noise. Usually sold on the market of brake motor or brake effect is bad, or brake noise is very big, are not suitable for rapid rolling door. Speed ratio 1:10 - 1:15 more appropriate. Now has a new type of rapid industrial door motors, called rapid industrial door dedicated server, this is a kind of new control way and run stops is not to need to rely on brake to the brakes, noise further down the bottom. Control system: the commonly used by PLC/frequency converter/encoder is complete or integrated circuit board of the IPM module, the domestic industry enterprises are mostly PLC/frequency converter/encoder. Safety system: mainly infrared photoelectric switch, safety pressure sensor ( Part of the machinery used high precision stability control system of enterprise security contact zone) Or screen system; Screen system should be the highest level of security protection, currently on the market only the berth, bus, Mr. Fry with several companies. Working principle: by the door sensors provide the trigger signal to the control system, control system according to the current position of fast shutter issue instructions to the frequency converter, the curtain rise quickly, and start motor drive traffic through the automatic door curtain drops, after close the channel, signal again until the next door open. As the name implies, fast shutter speed is very fast, can't stop, like steel gate direct start general need the inverter to control motor speed. Rises the sooner the better, faster in place ( 20 cm) Need to have a slow buffer stop process, in order to prevent the collision orbit, prevent clip, reduce noise, which is a measure of fast shutter performance good or bad.
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