Fast door control system is out of control solution

by:Hongfa     2020-07-16
Many factories are used to fast door, because rapid door has opened quickly, heat preservation, cold, insect-resistant, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, prevent bad breath, daylighting, and many other advantages. Fast door is commonly used by or vehicle in and out, so very opened and closed frequently, so that the long time use will appear some problems, such as control failure. Below, we say, the system out of control in the fast door control solution. 1 a sticky, fast door relay contact die situation, this time we need to replace the relay. 2, fast shutter trip, micro switch failure or a slice of deformation. If so, it needs to change the micro switch or touch the patches. 3, fast door happened on board screw loose, easily lead to shift by the board. This kind of situation just need to set the slider screw and to reset the on board. 4, fast door slider or nut does not has moved with screw rotation. This is likely to need lubricating oil or other solutions. 5, rapid rolling door stop transmission gear damage happened. This kind of situation has happened, you need to change the drive gear of the limiter. 6, rapid opening and closing of the door key was if the card is dead. This also is very simple, just replace the button button is broken ah.
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