Encounter power outage fast shutter how to operate

by:Hongfa     2020-07-15
In the process of the use of rapid rolling door, occasionally in case of sudden power outages when managers how to manually run fast shutter? Next, hongfa maeda said it happened after the blackout fast shutter operation method. When rapid rolling door suddenly loses power or power failure happens, the first is to be reset, and then use the manual operation, so as to avoid abnormal fast shutter operation. 1, after the blackout, rapid door can't action, need to pull down brake cable, brake clutch and the motor. 2, aim the rocker motor connection and put down the card into the head, and then use the manual rocker make fast shutter door curtain up and down movement. 3, to restore power, the motor brake device and must be reset to electric curtain open. Hongfa industry focus on rapid door and rapid rolling door manufacturing and sales, and provide perfect after-sales service, if you met problems in the process of using fast door, welcome to inquire.
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