Electric shutter use which material?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-13
Electric doors also called fast door, is a kind of can quickly open the door and turn off the electric drive of industry ascension, with its excellent sealing, heat insulation, wind etc widely application. Sales in the market for electric shutter type also more and more have PVC electric shutter, aluminum foam polyurethane insulation layer of the rigid electric shutter, stacking doors, sliding doors, sliding door of these. There are many people who want to ask a problem: electric shutter that kind of raw material is good? In fact it is a fallacy, each raw materials have personal strengths and clear, this good no one who is not very good forced the difference, the key still see where electric shutter is used, if guarantee, since the right choose natural environment is better now. Generally the company's internal security channel, for example, can choose to use PVC electric doors, PVC raw materials price relative cheap, tonal also various, varied, the conversion is also very level, even being damaged or cut, changing a door curtain can solve difficult immediately. If be used in outdoor to have anti-theft effect, so can choose the rigid electric rolling door and sliding door. Due to its door frame raw material not easy damaged, both to open and close quickly, can also be used as FangQiaoMen application, kill two birds with one stone. If is door leaf is quite big, usually also very little frequency open and turn off, then to be able to consider the sliding door. To sum up, hongfa wood feel electric shutter no necessary to dispute electric shutter that kind of raw material is relatively good, suitable is the best yes. Garage doors of eight security safeguards the garage doors of eight security safeguards: garage door to open the door machine, also known as the drive equipment, is refers to keep the door open and shut the power system. Garage door to open the door lock machine compactness: refers to the door machine under the external force was some avoid turn the motor shaft and the characteristics of the door open. Power electricity lock the car: refers to the case, whether it is located in what place, operators can will shutter garage MenTu hand atresia. Blocked bounce: also known as frame in maintenance, refers to the frame in the lower reaches the blockage in the whole process, open closed opportunities immediately give preference to open closed a maintenance function. Photoelectric protector: refers to according to the infrared sensor to maintain security maintenance function of a device. Automobile airbag power switch: installed in the frame at the bottom of the air duct, and have work pressure change in the air duct to pneumatic power switch command transmitted to the automatic control system, gradually implement the security maintenance function of electrical equipment. Guide sound system is software: in the whole PCB circuit boards caigang roll gate, installed in the door on both sides of the border, guidance and eliminate friction noise of the system software. Supply switching power supply, to ensure that all the normal operation of the power switch power supply when the door machine and additional storage devices.
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