Product homogeneity is serious

Nowadays, in China's automatic door industry, product homogenization is very serious. Let us not see very distinctive products. Some door companies even never develop new products, directly buy some big-name explosion doors, exactly the same imitation, and then use low prices to attract consumers. The homogenization of products is an important factor leading to low-price competition. In the long run, everyone has entered a dead end.

Market competition is heating up

The competition of the door enterprises is very fierce. Some enterprises often train dealers, and they also help dealers to do activities, such as promotion, profit-making, and over-the-counter advertising. This competition is really ubiquitous, and some of the better dealers often become the focus of development for some enterprises. Often people leave their forefoot, and there are factory salesmen who come to the dealer to talk about cooperation. In the past, everyone was not so concerned about and proactively attacking. Nowadays, in order to survive, they will use them as long as they can use them. Regardless of face issues, geographical issues, methodological issues, such a heated competition. It also makes many door companies feel pressured, and the boss is trembled every day.

The investment cost of the new factory building doubled

If you only need to invest 200 yuan in the previous factory, you can start a business by buying some equipment and looking for a few workers. Well, now the same factory must be at least 400 or more, 2 million for production, and 2 million for marketing. In the past, China’s economy was developing at a rapid pace, and the products were in short supply. Now, it is the economic downturn, and the product has a serious overcapacity. Even if the door is made, it will take a lot of effort to do marketing, otherwise the product will be good and there is no visibility.





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After sales service

Shenzhen Hongfa has perfect after-sales service. From the production of the door to the consumers’ hands and the subsequent installation and commissioning as well as after-sales problems, as the manufacturer, we are responsible for the end, eliminating the worries of customers. Perfect after-sales service has always been one of the rules of our company in the automatic door industry based on the market.


Hongfa Automatic Door has its own brand HOFIC and now has 14 years of production experience. Hongfa Automatic Door is a trustworthy partner, which enables both partners to achieve a win-win situation.


Hongfa Automatic Door has the support of 10 years of partners. The development of a company is inseparable from a good partner. The relationship between the automatic door industry and channel dealers is complementary. As a company, we must first ensure the quality of our products and eliminate the worries of the merchants. With long-term support from our partners, we provide our customers with a more complete and assured service.

 Hongfa Automatic Door has perfect supervision measures, the procurement of raw materials, the implementation of responsibility in the production process, and professional after-sales service personnel. Strive to make the best quality and service.






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