Choose the technique of rapid rolling door you know how much?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-15
Rapid rolling door is running at a faster rate than 0 per second. Is 6 meters of the door, quick lifting of barrier-free isolation gate, main effect is fast isolation, thus ensuring dust-free workshop air quality level. With fast shutter is widely used in various fields, the fast door manufacturer and brand on market, more and more, choose the technique of rapid rolling door you know how much? Choose fast shutter skills: 1, fast shutter is electric door quickly, can power the manual function at the same time, even when you are in a power failure can quickly open fast shutter. 2, fast shutter electric performance can't existence of freewheeling, such a rapid rolling door limit will be more stable, when using the probability of failure will be much smaller. 3, in order to improve the smooth of PVC run fast shutter speed and level, to enhance the tension. 4, to observe the precision of the structure of the fast shutter, lubrication degree, and radiation capability of the motor parts, and the factory production, installation and after-sale link. To ensure fast shutter use no worries.
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