Before the advent of automatic garage door openers

by:Hongfa     2020-08-15

If the door fails to operate at all, the best procedure is to disconnect the automatic opener and attempt to open and close the door manually. If it operates easily, this shows that the problem is related to the automatic opener. If the door is still difficult to open, it is most likely a mechanical problem relating to the spring tension of the door or its alignment in the tracks. In most cases, a bit of adjustment is all that is needed to free the door to open and close properly.The automatic garage opener is a very handy device and serves a definite security function. Like any other automatic system, it is subject to failure. Most common garage door problems can be prevented with a bit of maintenance. Making sure that the sensors are unblocked and the sensor eyes kept clean will prevent the majority of problems. Periodic checks of all connection are also recommended.Looking for garage door repair companies in your area? Visit for an unbiased set of listings.

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