Automatic door cannot open closed normally do?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-06
There are two kinds of automatic door cannot open normally closed, one kind is the door movement, but close is open again. Another is automatic doors remain open state, unable to shut down, or always stay closed state, can't open it. The first: the door moves, but can't shut down, these sensors have to open the door is the cause of signal input, namely sensors worldwide induction distractors exist, such as: the sun was shining, the activity of objects, such as unstable illuminant. Can through the broken sensor signal lines to test whether caused by the disturbance signal of sensor automatic door cannot close. The second: automatic doors remain open, cause damage to the fault may be the cause of the automatic door sensors, signal input to the automatic door controller has opened the door, may be automatic or remote control mode switch to open, if is equipped with entrance guard system, may be the entrance guard system relay is damaged.
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