Authority rapid rolling door price analysis

by:Hongfa     2020-07-15
Now fast doors as a new type of device, is widely applied to various occasions, it is because of the rise of fast shutter, also let people for the price of the fast shutter more attention. In fact, before know the price of the fast shutter, what are the first to see how fast shutter advantage. In the first place is beautiful and practical, fast shutter beautiful shape high strength, high toughness, strong corrosion resistance, weather resistance, anti-aging, rain resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life. Quiet and flexible at the same time, fast shutter operation light, reliable balance system, strong drive, flexible roller, lightweight flexible make the door. Rapid rolling door material quality, different material and structure design, can adapt to the climate and weather changes, have very good protection effect on the indoor environment. The fast door manufacturers in the market now many, very on style and variety, the quality of the different manufacturer production fast shutter and rapid rolling door the price also is different. Generally the conventional speed 500 yuan a rolling door motor, door piece in about 200 yuan per square metre, can guide and scroll in local processing, stainless steel guide about 40 RMB 1 m, scroll about 60 RMB 1 m. Rapid rolling door price is also each are not identical, fast door manufacturers can according to customer's purchases, to carry on the comprehensive consideration, buy more, so the rapid rolling door there must be a discount on the price, also provide door-to-door free installation services, but if consumers buy less, there will be no such manufacturer free on-site installation services. Consumers will need to contact the installation of the professional and technical personnel for installation. This installation prices are set according to the size of conventional price at about 40 yuan per square meter.
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