Accumulation rapid door companies need to be involved in the construction of brand and channel at the same time

by:Hongfa     2020-07-05
China to gather the fast door industry fast thanks to fast in building industry, home renovation. The world beginning to workshop production together fast door once companies beyond 3000. However, due to China's rapid door industries' property level is not high, time is not long, low barriers to entry, together with the special sex together fast door industry & ndash; — The low level of machine is changed, the manual workshop, lead to China's now gather fast door throughout the current fast door industry, can see, most enterprises still stay in the original competition stage, no brand awareness, only by product and price in the competition, as long as a few less forward-looking strategic vision of the enterprise was established in the world market, set up the brand. According to the guangzhou Lu Sheng door industry was leaking, business in another way: first-class enterprise order model, second-class enterprise branding, third-rate enterprise selling skills, seems to do product. In current China, set the industry model of the first-class enterprise few and far between, in the current China's rapid door industry, the real strategic vision to casting brand brand one way companies also belong to you, most household building materials enterprises is still in the stage of product and a price war, it will be brought by the industry disorderly competition and damage of self. When it comes to enterprise brand establishment, natural without channel set up. Channels & throughout; Refers to the various leads to consumer direction distribution agencies. For shallow channels to establish & throughout; , is the link between the producers and dealers set up, maintain, and peace! It is a good brand, if do not have channel, it can only sleep in the stack of enterprises. Now, we are the channels for the establishment of more rapid door industry is how to help the dealer and acting business good, let them make money, can earn a relaxed, happy. Guangzhou Lu Sheng door industry as people think, the brand is causal and channel building opposite each other, a strong brand can advance channel was established, and the high quality of channel and can support a powerful brand at the same time. Good enterprise to build the brand and channel set up to combine, and his hands are hard, in April 2015, I joined the company industry speeding door ten big brands comparison, looking forward to take this movement, the advancement brand effect greatly.
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