Accumulation is fast door way of general failure and maintenance

by:Hongfa     2020-07-13
The present society, with the development of science and technology and advanced, the customer about product function and quality request is in progress. In the category of industrial door, the customer has no longer satisfied with previously used electric door products, such as a promotion, gradually began to prefer fast door products. We gather fast door manufacturing skills for the staff summarizes some common topics and processing solutions for you: see more topic one: door body after can't rise to the top landing. Can reason: 1, the correlation infrared affected by external forces, position offset, cannot constitute object, cause photoelectric system failure. The solution: to correct the infrared status to the correlation results. 2, the presence of metal objects above ground sense coil, lead to vehicle detector signal, door can't landing. The solution: clearing ground sense coil near metal obstructions. 3, a move the material in the category of microwave radar radiation, lead to constant existence of photoelectric signal. The solution: clear the obstacles. Gather fast door see more topic 2: setting a reversal scene or ups and downs can not arrived in reserve status. Can cause 1, stop or encoder failure, lead to limit data loss, unable to stop. The solution: check the machine stop can appear deviation, or stop of Arab spring can be lost. Can cause 2 wind lever out of orbit, the hydrodynamic stuck in between the wall and orbit. The solution: the wind pole position, the ups and downs. Gathered rapid door see more topic 3: motor rotation as usual, the hydrodynamic rose half a meter or so after the landing, and repeat this situation. Can cause: door shaft is shattered and cannot constitute a driving power, or motor round-off is shattered. The solution: replace the motor round-off or welding bearing. Evenly, interested in all things it is the fast door has gathered a lot of good functions, its accessories variety is more, which somehow can appear a little problem, affect the use of the product itself.
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