Accumulation is fast door fittings do you understand?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-24
As gathered throughout rate constant progress of the door, gathered the door accessories system also gradually into people's vision, but the use of gathered about door accessories and detailed function view, most people can only know a little. Members introduced accessories: 1, gather electric cabinet door ( The fast door electric cabinet) : the main frequency conversion function, this is the most crucial part of PLC, frequency converter, there are certain number of terminals, used for photoelectric system wiring. Stop: 2, intelligent encoder/machine to limit the door itself, made the position of the higher level and landing door operation process. Encoder function is superior to stop machine, is widely promoted. 3, vehicle detector, connected to the ground sense coil, signal detection vehicle, to take the initiative to make the hydrodynamic lift results. : 4, microwave radar detection door a body moving objects around, if you have any vehicles or pedestrians near the door, door open. Its function has similarities with vehicle detector. Hit 5, infrared control system: see more has injective and correlation of two specifications, when ir is blocked, the hydrodynamic active rebound rise, rise to prevent it. 6, gathered the door motor: the main drive system, drive shaft rotation, mobilize the straps promoted. We now foreign wholesale many fast photoelectric door accessories, will gather upstream product push door industries throughout, farewell vast colleagues to consult or to plant the choose and buy!
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