About the fast shutter two positioning

by:Hongfa     2020-07-12
Rapid door can position two gears? As is known to all, fast door now once more and more used in industrial production, with its fast, insulation, cleaning ends meet customers love. Below small make up for the public can solve fast door can not two positioning the subject. In practical application process, especially the use of large industrial workshop for rapid door process, there are often so much demand. Such as a quick door height is very high, but usually don't have to drive so high, could you can set two positioning? Is usually just in the practice level, when demand eyelid to the fast door when the highest to the highest position. Use Numbers to show that might be a little bit indirectly. My shop door height is 5 meters, for example, the book door installation effective height is 5 meters. But in use process usually, we only need 3 meters height, the vast majority of 5 meters only in occasional open when he enters the equipment. So in this process, we can give fast door set two positioning. A location in the 3 m position, a position in the 5 m, and the 3 m set to active the first choice. When demand regulate into 5 meters, we manually button again perhaps remote control, use 5 m gear keys. Fast door use of proportion of common, but still needs pay attention to in detail, especially the electrical equipment, motor brand, the brand of PLC, these will be guaranteeing rapid door of life and is convenient to use. A good program, at the same time practical production using the program can be commensurate stress, broad customer must be repeated with factory engineer before purchase channel, in order to obtain the best use of form. This is about the fast door introduced two positioning, if there any questions can contact our online customer service well, we'll answer one by one to you.
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